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Overview of our RepKits

The RepKits are complete drive kits that were developed for the most common door drives available on the market.

They contain all components necessary for replacing the faulty door drive and for getting the door back into operation.

Spreading or clamping skates are included in the scope of supply based on the type of door.

Very detailed installation instructions explain how to remove the old parts and install the new precisely fitting parts that are labelled and shown in a manner to prevent any risk of confusion.

Meiller RepKits are designed in such a way that an individual installer can carry out the repair / modification.

Meiller RepKits have undergone at least 1,000,000 door cycles in the endurance test.

Repairs implemented with RepKits from MEILLER Aufzugtüren are both sophisticated and simple at the same time

In Germany alone there are approx. 750,000 lifts in operation, of which the vast majority are more than 20 years old. These lifts are subject to normal wear and tear and thus can lead to more frequent problems.

There are a wide variety of different manufacturer-specific door drives and door drive systems on the market. These frequently vary even within the manufacturer.


The parts of a lift system that are subject to the most movement are the cabin doors. Consequently, the components of the door drive installed here are subject to increased wear and tear and the associated susceptibility to failure.

As a rule, a door drive fails suddenly and unexpectedly with the result that the entire lift system is out of service. The top priority is now to keep the downtime as short as possible and to get the lift up and running again as soon as possible.

  • Delivery of goods within 24 hours after receiving a purchase order (EU area)
  • The RepKit contains our new MiDrive as door drive system with all the well-known advantages
  • The RepKit is designed in such a way that one person can carry out the repair / modification
  • Clean and well-organised package

Easy handling

MiDrive - The intelligent drive concept

  • Easy and fast commissioning with the aid of the app on a smartphone: the drive gets perfectly matched parameters by scanning the QR code
  • Demonstrable increase in drive efficiency thanks to operation-optimised motors
  • CANopen interface as standard feature
  • IP 20 rating as standard feature
  • Energy-saving modes Eco and EcoPlus as standard
  • Adjustment of energy consumption thanks to sophisticated energy management
  • Standard servo-assisted mode to support the opening of large and heavy doors
  • Condition monitoring: Life-time data are recorded and provide information about the door’s state

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